Looking for something better than your standard under eye patches?

There's a gentler, more effective way to care for your eyes. Reneue's botanical steam eye masks offer a refreshing change, free from the uncomfortable, slimy feel and harsh chemicals commonly found in under eye patches.

Enjoy a comforting, relaxing under eye treatment inspired by nature, with no nasty chemicals or irritants. Our eye masks use thermo-therapy to increase collagen production and blood flow in return reducing dark circles, puffy eyes and fine line wrinkles.

Switch from the ordinary to a relaxing, spa-like experience in the comfort of your home.


A more natural under eye care solution.

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Our Steam Eye Masks

  • Natural components free from harsh chemicals.
  • Soft and gentle on the skin, with a breathable fabric.
  • Warm steam that hydrates, rejuvenates, and promotes blood circulation.
  • Heat therapy promotes deeper relaxation and soothes headaches and sinus discomfort.
  • Provides a spa-like therapeutic experience. Engages multiple senses for a holistic treatment.
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Under Eye Patches

  • Contains synthetic chemicals, preservatives, and artificial fragrances.
  • Slimy and sticky, uncomfortable texture, especially during longer usage.
  • Cold and only targets under eye concerns without any other benefits.
  • Hydration and moisturizing depend on specific chemicals used
  • Only focused on under eye issues, cold and clinical with no additional sensory experiences.

Holistic under eye care, but not just for your eyes.

  • Banish puffy eyes, dark circles & wrinkles 🫶🏻

    Using thermotherapy our eye masks stimulate and invigorate blood flow, gently easing away puffiness and dark circles. This warmth does more than soothe; it activates a natural revitalisation process, delicately ironing out fine lines and wrinkles, unveiling a more youthful, vibrant you.

  • Goodbye restless nights, hello a deep and dreamy slumber ✨

    As our masks subtly warm up, they encourage the release endorphins, nature's own stress-relievers, easing you into a deep state of relaxation. Our masks activate your parasympathetic nervous system, responsible for slowing your heart rate, relaxing muscles and guiding you into a deep dreamlike sleep.

  • Removes tension, stress, and anxiety in minutes 💜

    Embrace a moment of mindfulness with our eye masks, your gateway to unwinding, rejuvenating and releasing tension. The calming botanical infused steam melts away your stress as well as easing the mind, fostering a peaceful state of mindfulness. Perfectly paired with meditation, a warm bath or just a brief moment of 'Me Time'.

Straight from our customers

I've tried countless under eye patches with minimal results. Since switching to Reneue's Steam Eye Masks, I've noticed a significant reduction in puffiness and a refreshing hydrated feel around my eyes. Plus, they're incredibly soothing after a long day. Highly recommend!"


As someone who spends hours in front of a computer, these steam eye masks have been a lifesaver! They're so much more relaxing and effective than the under eye patches I used to use. My eyes feel rested, and the fine lines seem less noticeable. Love them!


II was skeptical at first, but these steam eye masks are like a mini spa treatment. They're so comforting and leave my skin feeling soft and refreshed - something I never got from regular under eye patches. Definitely worth it!"


I’m all about natural skincare, and Reneue’s Steam Eye Masks are just perfect. They work better than any under eye patch I've tried and it's a bonus knowing they're environmentally friendly. They've become a staple in my nightly routine.


I've always struggled with insomnia, and these steam eye masks have been a surprising help. The warmth helps me relax unlike the cold under eye patches I used to use. I've been falling asleep faster and waking up with brighter, less puffy eyes. A must-try!