Self-Warming Steam Eye Masks



Experience tranquility and rejuvenation with our self-warming steam eye masks.

  • Gradually Warms to 30° Celsius
  • Stays warm for up to 30 minutes
  • Made from 6 natural ingredients
  • Eases stress, tension & anxiety
  • Melts dark circles and puffy eyes
  • Rehydrates tired and strained eyes
  • Fragrance: Lavender + Cymbidium


How to use
  1. Simply unwrap, place the mask over closed eyes, and let the comforting warmth envelop you. The mask will start to warm up within 30 seconds.
  2. Lay back, breathe in the calming aroma and let your worries melt away. The mask will stay warm for over 30 minutes.

Our eye masks are designed for unparalleled comfort and rejuvenation. The heating pad features a gentle combination of naturally occurring iron powder, vermiculite, activated carbon, salt, and water, providing soothing warmth to melt away stress. Click to learn more.

Steam Eye Masks - Reneue
Self-Warming Steam Eye Masks
Self-Warming Steam Eye Masks
Self-Warming Steam Eye Masks
Self-Warming Steam Eye Masks
Self-Warming Steam Eye Masks

Why our Steam Eye Masks?

  • Instant Relaxation

    Instant Relaxation

    Our masks increase endorphin production to ease stress and tension.

  • Under Eye Care

    Under Eye Care

    Warmth boosts collagen production, reducing dark circles and puffiness.

  • Natural Hydration

    Natural Hydration

    The warm steam naturally rehydrates tired, dry & strained eyes.

  • Restorative Sleep

    Restorative Sleep

    Relaxes the mind and body, to ease you into a deep & restorative sleep.

How they work

As soon as you open our eye masks, they gradually start to warm up to 30° Celsius, whisking you away to a peaceful oasis for 30 minutes.

Infused with natural botanicals, our masks promote muscle relaxation and endorphin release, rejuvenating both mind and body.

Botanical Benefits

Lavender essence has been used for centuries to promote relaxation and improved sleep quality.

Cymbidium essence reduces feelings of stress, tension and anxiety while also balancing wellbeing.

Loved by everyone, everywhere. Don't miss out.

"These have become my go-to for eye relaxation. The warmth is incredibly soothing."

"So easy to use, leaves your eyes rejuvenated and hydrated. Instant gradual heat as you take them out of the packaging. Highly recommend!"

"These eye masks are a blessing! They ease my tired eyes after long days. Definitely worth it! 😊"

"My boyfriend surprised me with these Reneue eye masks for my birthday and I'm in love! They're so relaxing after a long day."

"I've recently discovered the magic of Reneue's Steam Eye Masks using a combination of lavender and cymbidium and I'm absolutely hooked! I now enjoy restful sleep like never before 💤"

"My night time routine just got better 💜 Absolutely love my new steam eye masks, they relax me so much and help combat eye strain and discomfort from scrolling through instagram all day!"

"The warmth of these masks eases the tension in my temples and around my eyes. It's like a gentle massage that helps me relax completely."

"I struggle with relaxation and always feel the need to be productive. But when I used this mask, I took 15 minutes to just listen to music and do nothing, and it was amazing."

Got Questions?

Why warmth, steam and botanicals? What's the benefits?

Warmth: The gentle heat helps relax the muscles around the eyes, easing tension and reducing fatigue. It promotes blood circulation, aiding in the reduction of dark circles and puffiness, and triggers the release of endorphins, providing a soothing effect.

Steam: It hydrates the delicate skin around the eyes, preventing dryness. The steam also aids in deeper penetration of the botanical essences, enhancing their effectiveness.

Botanicals: Natural essences are carefully selected for their soothing and rejuvenating properties. They offer aromatherapy benefits, reduce stress, and can improve overall mood and sleep quality.

What are the key ingredients in the eye masks, and how do they work?

The key ingredients in our Steam Eye Masks include iron powder, activated carbon, vermiculite, sodium, and purified water. These natural ingredients interact to generate a gentle heat through an exothermic reaction when exposed to oxygen.

The Iron powder oxidises in the presence of oxygen, producing heat, while activated carbon and vermiculite help retain and evenly distribute this warmth. Sodium aids in moderating the temperature, ensuring it remains comfortable. All of this happens inside our double sealed protective pouch in each side of the eye masks.

The heat and steam produced offer therapeutic benefits like improved blood circulation and muscle relaxation around the eyes.

How long do they stay warm for?

Our eye masks are designed to provide a sustained, gentle warmth for approximately 30 minutes. This duration is ideal for maximising the therapeutic benefits such as muscle relaxation and increased blood flow around the eye area. Remember, the mask starts to warm up as soon as it's exposed to air, so it's best to use it immediately after opening the package.

Are these eye masks suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, our Steam Eye Masks are ideal for sensitive skin. They're hypoallergenic and made with natural, soothing botanical essences. The gentle warmth is carefully calibrated for sensitive areas, and our eye masks are free from nasty chemicals or irritants.

How can I incorporate the eye masks into my daily wellness routine?

Our Steam Eye Masks can easily be integrated into your daily routine by using them during your relaxation time, such as before bed, while meditating, or after long hours of screen use.

Their soothing effect is perfect for unwinding, aiding in better sleep, and rejuvenating tired eyes. Just 30 minutes with our steam eye mask can enhance your overall eye health and wellness daily.

What makes these different from traditional eye masks?

Our Steam Eye Masks offer a superior relaxation experience, leveraging advanced exothermic technology. When they come into contact with oxygen, they create a soothing warmth complemented by steam, providing deep relaxation and enhanced eye comfort – a feature not found in traditional eye masks.

Infused with a blend of natural botanical essences, these masks transform your routine into a therapeutic, spa-like journey, indulging your senses while soothing your eyes.

Have more questions? Read our in depth F.A.Q's