The Benefits of our Eye Masks

As soon as you open our eye masks, they gradually start to warm up,
whisking you away to a peaceful oasis. Powered by nature and backed by
simple science our eye masks are a natural solution to stress, sleep, and
under-eye concerns.

Physical Benefits

Deep Relaxation
The gradual warmth soothes the trigeminal nerve, which triggers the brain to relax the muscles.

Natural Detoxifying Hydration

The warm steam naturally hydrates the skin, purging impurities, while also soothing the eyes to alleviate strain and fatigue.

Under Eye Care
Warmth boosts circulation, reducing dark circles,
puffiness, and aids in collagen production, to erase fine line wrinkles.

Holistic Benefits

Deeper Restorative Sleep
The mask's gentle warmth helps relax the mind and body, encouraging a quicker transition into deep, restorative sleep.

Eases Stress, Anxiety and Tension
The gentle heat from the mask eases anxiety, melts away stress, and loosens tension through increasing endorphin production.

Aromatherapeutic Effects

Natural botanical essences promote mental wellness through the limbic system responsible for regulating stress and emotions.


Step into our story, lean into the magic, and indulge in the alchemy that brings the essence of the ages to your eyes.