Menstrual Pain Patch - Clothes

Self-Warming - Over 10 hours of relief



Ease pain, cramps and discomfort with our Soothe Pain & Discomfort patches. These patches are made for direct application to underwear or clothing. 

  • Warm relief for over 10 hours
  • Warms to 55° Celsius
  • Made from 5 natural ingredients
  • Reduces pain by 75%
  • Thin, discreet & fragrance free


How to use
  1. Open the pouch and take out the patch.
  2. Peel off the protective film from the patch.
  3. Clothing Patch: Stick the patch to your clothing over the area where you feel pain, like the lower abdomen or back.

    Skin Patch: Stick the patch directly to the the area where you feel pain, like the lower abdomen or back.
  4. After up to 10 hours, gently remove the patch from the clothing.

Iron powder, salt, activated charcoal, vermiculite, and water.

Menstrual Pain Patch - Clothes
Menstrual Pain Patch - Clothes
Menstrual Pain Patch - Clothes
Menstrual Pain Patch - Clothes
Menstrual Pain Patch - Clothes
Menstrual Pain Patch - Clothes

No more pain, period.

Up to 79% less period pain

Direct heat relaxes the myometrium, the muscular middle layer of the uterine wall that's responsible for painful contractions. Applying direct heat for over 4 hours can reduce pain & cramps by up to 79%*.

We spend over 3,750 days on our period...

  • 1250 Pills

    1250 Pills

    We pop over 1250 painkillers and hope that this time they actually work.

  • 17 weeks

    17 weeks

    We lose 17 weeks to cancelled plans to lie on the lounge in pain.

  • 50 hours

    50 hours

    We spend 50 hours in front of the microwave waiting for a hot water bottle.

  • 250 days

    250 days

    We on average take off 250 days of work because of pain and discomfort.

*Estimated data based on period pain lasting 2-4 days of your period.

How our patches work.

Self-warming pain relief

As soon as you open our soothe patches, they gradually self-warm up to 30° Celsius and provide cramp, pain and discomfort relief for over 10 hours.

Drug-free period cramp relief loved by many.

"Wow! These patches are fantastic for managing pain and are incredibly comfortable to wear throughout the day."

"These soothe patches were a lifesaver during my last cycle. I was able to sleep through the night without any pain."

"The instant I put on a menstrual patch, the pain melts away. It's a game-changer for those long office days. Absolute lifesaver! ❤️"

"Ever since I started using these patches, my cramps have vanished like magic. I've found my monthly pain relief superhero! 🌸"

"These are essential for anyone with PCOS or menstrual cramps. So soothing and they last all day."

How we compare

Our Patches

Hot Water Bottle

Pain Killers

Eases Period Pain

Lasts over 10 hours

Use on the go

Localised Pain Relief

Apply & forget

Safe to use for your entire cycle

Got Questions?

How do the self-warming patches work to relieve pain?

Our patches work like a cozy hug for your muscles, using the magic of iron reacting with air to create a gentle warmth. As soon as you open the patches they start to gradually warm up to a comfortable 40 degrees. This warmth helps increase blood flow and relax your muscles, providing you with natural, comforting pain relief wherever and whenever you need it.

Can I use these patches during my period for menstrual cramps?

Yes, you can! Soothe patches are a great companion during your period. The gentle, warming sensation works wonders on menstrual cramps, helping to ease the discomfort and relax the muscles in your lower abdomen. It's like a warm, comforting embrace exactly when you need it most.

How long do the patches stay warm for?

Our self-warming menstrual patches are designed to keep you comfortable and pain free for up to 10 hours. Yes, you heard that right – 10 whole hours of gentle, consistent warmth to help ease your cramps, pain and discomfort. Whether you're tackling a long day at work, running errands, or just need extended relief, our patches have got your back (or any other part that needs some love).

What is the difference between the on skin and on clothing patch?

Our self-warming patches are made to be as versatile as possible so we created two variations for different scenarios. The on skin patches warm to around 40-45°C and are designed to be applied directly to the skin. Where as our on clothing patches warm to 50-55°C and are designed to be applied on clothing or underwear to create a safe barrier between the patch and skin.

Is it safe to use these patches every day during my period?

Yes, using our self-warming soothe patches daily during your period is safe. They provide a consistent and effective way to manage period pain, cramps and endometriosis related pain, with minimal risk of skin irritation or other adverse effects.

Can these patches be reused?

No, our self-warming patches are designed for single use only. They are powered by a simple one time chemical reaction that generates consistent cozy warmth meaning they cannot be reactivated.

Can these patches help with endometriosis related pain?

Yes, our patches can help with easing pain and discomforted associated with endometriosis. Our patches create consistent warmth to relax your muscles, however it’s essential to consult a healthcare provider for a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

Can I wear these patches under tight clothing?

Yes, our patches are thin, discreet and fragrance free allowing them to be comfortably worn under tight clothing without being noticeable. They provide over 10 hours of continuous pain relief while you go about your day.

Can these patches be used for muscle aches and pains in areas other than the lower abdomen?

Yes, Soothe patches are versatile and can be applied to various body areas to alleviate muscle aches, including the back, neck, and shoulders, offering targeted pain relief wherever needed.

Have more questions? Read our in depth F.A.Q's